Middlebury Confessional

UPDATE 3/2011: You’re probably looking for MiddleburyConfessional.com. This post below is from 2008 as are a few others on the subject. Of course, there was also summer confessional. From this year, we’ve referenced the site as home to swim team rumors and the Middlebury Campus ran a quick take on the re-emergence of the website. The site requires a Middlebury email address.

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Worried that your friends might recognize your handwriting on a Post Secret postcard in the library? Have no fear, Middlebury Confessional is here. With a mere 11 confessions thus far, Middlebury Confessional is pretty tame; it’s certainly no Juicy Campus (thank Hair Dryer). There’s a little post-coital remorse, a little nonsense (This school is a giant barrel of lolsauce. Say what?), a little philosophical questioning (yes, just what is the cosine of a heart?*) Check it out.

*My favorite response: xkcd. So true, so true.


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  1. This is the most innovative web thing to come around since MiddBlog in 2006, if I do say so myself! It’s a healthy way to share what’s going on for all of us. Congrats!

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