Princeton Review Rankings 2009

(Update: Here are the 2010 rankings)

It’s that time a year again when colleges are ranked to try and convince stressed-out high school students and their parents that the key to happiness and success is buying a magazine.  The Princeton Review does things a little differently by ranking schools in various categories rather than simply picking a best school overall.  Midd did ok, regaining some positions that we lost last year, and continuing to fall in other categories.  The best sign for me is that our professors are listed as #1 again and we’re back to #8 in “Best Classroom Experience.”  I’m less happy with jumping up two places in “Students Study the Most” and I don’t even want to talk about falling two places in dining hall food.

Here’s what we were awarded this year:

#14 Best Campus Food (#13 last year)

#16 Best Career/Job Placement Services (not listed last year)

#1 Professors Get High Marks (#3 last year)

#4 School Runs Like Butter (#3 last year)

#8 Students Study the Most (#10 last year as “Students Never Stop Studying”)

#8 Best Classroom Experience (#6 last year)

#8 Best Quality of Life (#13 last year)


7 thoughts on “Princeton Review Rankings 2009

  1. About the Princeton Review’s “Green Rating Honor Role” — Middlebury (surprisingly) wasn’t one of the 11 most environmentally conscious schools. But I emailed them, and it was simply because the survey wasn’t filled out completely. If you know a lot about the Midd’s Environmental Initiatives and don’t mind being contacted about them, email — she handles the survey stuff.

    Just so you know!

  2. This is why Midd, an early and obvious environmental leader, was not on the list?? Doesn’t this raise questions about the methodology, such as it is, and reliability of these dubious “rankings”?

  3. It certainly does, Parent. Some schools have higher U.S. News rankings because they include P.E. teachers in their teacher/student ratio. Some schools have lower U.S. News rankings simply because they omit information from the survey. It’s all about how you fill out the survey. Not that the schools at the top are undeserving of their rankings, mind you, but there are so many variables that there probably isn’t much of a difference between schools in a given 10-spot range.

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