Storage Standoff

If you look around at the posters around campus, you’ll notice a quiet yet vicious debate has been set off in the summer storage arena. The big deal is the creation of Greenleaf Storage which now directly competes with Campus Storage. Both attempt to serve students who have their storage boxes picked up from their room and then delivered the following term. This can be a popular (although questionably profitable) service because students don’t want to deal with schlepping their boxes to their own homes or to Fletcher Barn. The debate heats up: Campus Storage charges Greenleaf with copying their business model.

Here’s a rough and completely unscientific rundown of services :

Greenleaf Storage

  • PRO: their signup excel spreadsheet (that automatically tabulates the cost) is a heck of a lot easier to use than the PDF that Campus Storage sends out
  • PRO: you can buy boxes directly from Greenleaf ($2 a pop), discounted if you use Greenleaf
  • PRO: appears slightly less expensive, but not by much
  • PRO: can deliver for (very early) arrivals next year (8/30-8/31)
  • CON: new business, unproven
  • CON: unclear about “no base fees” and due dates and other charges? EDIT: You have to look in a separate PDF file to find these details.
  • CON: cannot store for study abroad terms at all
  • CON: does not accept cash, only credit (via paypal) and check

Campus Storage (Jamie McKenna ’09)

  • PRO: experience
  • PRO: very clear instructions for how to pack your boxes
  • PRO: can deliver for early arrivals (listed as 9/3-9/4)
  • CON: not providing or selling boxes this year
  • CON: charge an extra $30 if you don’t make the deadline of submitting info by this Friday
  • CON: does not accept credit card, only cash or check

MiddBlog wants to know: How will you store your stuff this summer?


4 thoughts on “Storage Standoff

  1. I’d like to thank Greenleaf for copying CS’s exact business model.. and then undercutting their prices. Nice job fellas, classy.

    I’m using CS.. experience.

  2. Neither, they’re both extreme ripoffs. I made that mistake as a freshman and have regretted it ever since. The only reason you should use one of these services is if you have no access to a car to store your own things, otherwise it’s worth the money to do it yourself.

    Split a storage unit off campus with friends, it’ll save you a ton of money and doesn’t take all that much time to move your stuff out there (and you don’t have to deal with anyone’s packing/boxing restrictions). Or even fletcher is great but i think they mostly accept only boxes and won’t accept oddly shaped items.

    Middblog, you did a great job with debunking all the housing options out there. what about doing a similar thing for storage options in middlebury? i’m sure it would help a lot as a number of people are unaware of the options out there. i share a unit with a friend at abc storage which is 5 min south on 7 and have been happy with it.

    Props to greenleaf for cracking the monopoly on exploitative storage service companies. i’m curious to see who’s going to take on laundry service next.

  3. So what is the base fee for Greenleaf AFTER May 3rd? Their PDF file is still unclear

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