Welcome New Readers!

Welcome new readers of MiddBlog!

An all-student email re: breakfast option in Atwater next year has persuaded many new student visitors to come to this blog.

What is MiddBlog? It’s alternative news for Middkids, run and written by students. We post the latest and sometimes greatest on what’s going down on the Middlebury campus. For instance, take a look at our latest articles on: summer storage options, the future of dining services, and Ron Liebowitz kissing a cow.

We also have a several year archive of content: numerous Middkid-produced YouTube videos, historical facts about Middlebury, and Quidditch galore. Take a look at 2008 in review. Many of you also used our Housing Guide 2009 for roomdraw this year and a lot of people also enjoy our weekly Sunday Reading.

So, we encourage you to come back and stay up-to-date with the community on MiddBlog (yes, we even post during the summer!). We do Facebook and Twitter and Posts by RSS feed or Posts by Email.

Better yet: leave a comment, speak up, join the discussion. We take email at: tips [at] midd-blog [dot] com.