Sunday Reading: Blackout Edition

You know that Middlebury has become too stressful when Mother Nature intervenes and forces all of us to take a mandatory study break. No lights, no computers, no music, no internet, no homework. For 6 hours. Enjoy. Sure, I was sad that I wasn’t going to finally put on a dress and heels and go to Spring Formal. But then two seconds later I got over it, found some candles flashlights and some friends and had probably one of the most enjoyable Saturday nigths on campus. As did just about everyone else. In the spirit of last night, here are a few enjoyable links to get you through this low-key, Sunday night.

Website of the Week: The Sartorialist. Most of my friends and my mother have probably been waiting for me to put this website on website of the week because I check it more frequently than I check the stock market or dining hall menus. Basically, the Sartorialist is a chronicle of street fashion at its most stylish. All photos are taken by former GQ photographer Scott Schuman and make yesterday’s facebook uploads look like child’s play.

Website of the Summer: MiddBlog. Yours truly and the rest of the fabulous editors of Middblog and @middblog will be around all summer. Just FYI.

PS: Call your Mom.


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  2. Sunday Reading: The Blackout Edition, Part Deux

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