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Last week, I heard about how students were trying to figure out what White Whale was from the dining hall table tents. Best guess: a children’s theater company. But really, these web-designing outsiders had one specific thing to say after spending three days on campus observing classes, dropping in on dining halls, and meeting students:

Middlebury does a ton of cool stuff, but no one knows about it.

It’s not like we’re trying to be modest. We just don’t have the time or energy to self-promote ourselves. And why would we? We take a few all-star kids and put them on the frontpage of the website and they “represent” Middkids throughout the land. Newsflash: No offense to the all-stars, but that sure as heck does not represent Middlebury.

And so, it’s time to rethink the Middlebury “story” as an incredibly diverse range of people, backgrounds, projects, research, and activities. I mean really authentic student stories about how your suitemate runs Roosevelt Institution New England, how your friend is going to Chile this summer and another who spent last summer in Senegal, an entrepreneurial student Japanese food business, an acappella jam, or an awesome Midd DJ. Imagine discovering these stories on the Middlebury homepage instead of something crafted by some administrative office on campus.

Get the idea? Share your, your friend’s, your classmates’s Middlebury story : or go/webstories (on campus).

It will take only a few minutes to share what you already know, and it will help make our site much more reflective of who we are and what we do. White Whale has challenged us to gather 400 compelling Middlebury stories by the beginning of June – we can easily top that threshhold if only 20% of Middkids shared a single story.


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