A New Leaf

As we hit summer, I write with an update about MiddBlog.

Emily Gullickson ’10 will be taking over as lead editor for the summer and 2009-2010 school year. She is currently the author of the (wildly) popular Sunday Reading series. Her very first MiddBlog post was at the end of last summer posting from the Democratic National Convention in Denver. She started posting Sunday Reading during her time abroad in Italy. Emily will be choosing and leading a new team of writers for next year, once again delivering some of the freshest and most interesting content about Middlebury. If you’re interested in writing for MiddBlog, contact Emily: tips at midd-blog dot com.

I already wrote a goodbye post back in 2007, so I don’t feel much need to do so again. The fact that I’m not worried about MiddBlog is a reflection on how far MiddBlog has come. As a now super-senior Feb (I’ll still graduate in four years, Mom), I will continue to write occasionally for MiddBlog throughout the next semester, but it will clearly stand on its own (and grow) without me because of the community commitment to making the blog a place for Middlebury to congregate online. Middlebury’s online landscape is vastly different from when MiddBlog debuted back in October 2006. My one wish for a more vibrant online space reflective of the Middlebury community has somewhat come true, and I’m working on making that more true with the development of the new institutional website.

So thanks for reading. Y’all are awesome. Stay with MiddBlog over the summer for the latest!