Senior Week and Summer

[UPDATED: Now with photos from BBQ with Liebowitz]

I woke up this morning with a sudden urge to go fishing. I guess that means it’s officially summer. For myself and the rest of Middblog, that means a new slate of summer editors. For undergrads, that means beaches/camps/internships/travel/general bumming around. For graduating Seniors, well, they still have the ever so infamous famous Senior Week before life sets in.

Senior Week kicked off last night with a bonfire behind Ross that you could smell all the way down at 51 Main. And, while undergrads schlepped the last of their boxes to cars and storage sheds, it continued today with a low-key gathering at Lake Dunmore, which, despite cold water and slightly cloudy skies, seemed to be a success. Festivities later in the week include Olympics on the beach and about a bazillion barbeques.

Now, I could go on a rant about how Senior Week isn’t really a week but instead just a couple of days and that Seniors are being cheated, but, instead, I’ll give you pictures from Lake Dunmore and the Senior BBQ. Have other pictures or awesome end-of-year stories to share? Send them to tips [at] and you just might see them here.

(Lake Dunmore photos courtesy of Halley Ostergard, 2009)