Hot Summer Days

Today was hot. Not gonna lie. Probably one of the first truly hot days this Spring. Therefore, in a perfect world, the Lake Dunmore Senior Week activities would have been today and the “Olympics” yesterday because, really, today everyone went to Dunmore or some other natural source of water anyway. For those who stuck around campus, they were entertained by various outdoor sporting activities (Volleyball, water balloon fights, etc), giant inflatables and, the always enjoyable and creative, Gremlin’s Kremlin. And, while the Senior Committee pulled through on the BYOBurger theme, complete with charcoal, grilles and a beer garden, they underestimated people’s ability to actually use the grilles. Thus, everyone contented themselves with hunger, games and sunburns. Check out the pictures below. Have some of your own? Send them to tips [at] and you might see them here.