Is it or isn’t it Proctor?

Last Friday’s Alumni sponsored mimosa brunch revealed two very interesting things: 1) That alumni recruiters don’t waste any time or resources getting you to contribute to Midd’s now decreasing endowment and 2) A brand new Proctor and Wood Stove Lounge.

Point 1) aside, I found Point 2) to be incredibely interesting. The newly rennovated Wood Stove Lounge was the Class of 2009’s Senior Gift and the brief glimpse afforded by the reception left many people doing a double take. While I personally like the whole Generation-Y version of a 1950s style diner that the formerly grandma decorated dining hall has turned into, I can already hear next year’s debates–is it or isn’t it still Proctor?

A reader and mimosa-reception attendee has graciously provided pictures to help you start forming your dining plans for next year.