Printing…it just won’t go away

Someday, we’re all going to have Kindles or iPhones or something cooler and never have to worry about running out of paper or ink or finding the single functioning machine on Campus.


In the meantime, there’s Print Release.

The Main Library went 100% Print Release as of yesterday. In other words, you must confirm everything you want to print at a print release station.

If you read any of the sticky-note suggestions on the bulletin boards around the first print release trial on the first floor of the lib second semester, you will know that people were pretty much 50/50 on the issue.  Some (particularly people with nice handwriting) seemed to like the organization of it, others were still upset that it added more time to the printing process and still didn’t prevent the printers from breaking down.

Personally, I like the system. It’s nice to know that I can print my 37 articles on art collecting in medieval Tuscany at once, watch them print in front of me, and not have to sift through 14 other people’s theses.  Plus, bonus, it’s of course environmentally friendly. However, there are still some concerns.  Like, what about walk ups? At 12:30 on the Monday night of finals week when the library is 115% full and you really just need to print your paper to edit or if you need a map for a road trip quickly, printing from a walk up is very useful. Is there a way to put print release on those? Also, it’s possible that 2 walkups per printer would  still get congested. Is there a way to make it easier for students to map their laptops to network printers or would that just create more unnecessary items printed?

Not in favor of the print relase? It could be worse. You could have to pay for printing, an idea formally floated here at MiddBlog and over at Another Dean’s View, like guests to the library will now have to do.

MiddBlog wants to know: What are you thoughts about Print Release? Useful or a hassle? (Sorry, I don’t have any colorful sticky notes for you to write your comments on.)


3 thoughts on “Printing…it just won’t go away

  1. Despite the reactionary comments on many of the sticky notes, the print release systems WILL in fact likely decrease the frequency of printers breaking; they will be used only to print things that people actually mean to print, decreasing extraneous printer, decreasing the amount of printing that the printers actually do, and decreasing the mechanical load on the printers.

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