The Scoop

Let’s face it. I’m busy. You’re busy. Middlebury is busy, too. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, even in the summer. So, for all of us that have been busy, here’s the scoop about all things Midd related that have happened in the last week or so. No frills, just the dirty details. Read this quick so you’ll be caught for when you see all your friends this weekend.

  • Middish: Middish is a new “context-based community translation tool” developed for Midd language schools and beyond by Midd’s own Matt Park and Wayne Shu from Columbia University. Basically, if you have something you want translated into Chinese, like “I’d like a Protuguese Egg Tart and a durian bubbletea please,” just type it in and the world will help you translate it into simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Legit.
  • A Million: Middlebury once again met the Alumni Participation Challenge. 60% of alumni have given gifts to the college so far this year, earning a matching donation of $1 million from an anonymous donor. Success.
  • English: Rumor has it that Midd summer employees are, gasp!, speaking English on campus and causing problems in the dining halls/dorms for those who aren’t even supposed to hear English.  Do we have any on-campus readers willing to dish on this? How weird is it to live day by day with signs that say “No English Spoken Here,” when, in reality, you have to speak it?
  • Reunion: I start hyperventilating when somebody says, “When you have children…” Please, stop. Mark Patinkin, ’74, however, recently attended Reunion 2009 (which MiddBlog egregiously failed to adequately cover) and has decided to share with the world what Middlebury students think about after children and after our economy has fallen to pieces. If you read one random op-ed column this week, read this one.
  • Promotions: Middlebury students are everywhere these days, like in museums or in charge of car companies.
  • Projects for Peace: Dristy Shrestha, ‘11.5 won the Projects for Peace challenge this year and has headed off to Nepal to help finish a micro hydropower pipeline with two other students. They’re blogging their progress so you can follow along.

Know of any other awesome Midd-related news of late? Pass the info along to tips [at] or leave a comment.

Happy 4th of July weekend!