I’ll give you the iPod touch, you give me some mulah


That’s right Emily. Piggybacking on that, I want to add that buying a Mac will net you the latest iPod Touch and a printer for free. And that includes free shipping, my dear Watson.

Bob Jansen’s been pushing quite hard the past several months for his ingenius Apple-store-at-Midd initiative, and this long awaited fantasy is finally becoming real. It’s definitely an exciting move for the College Bookstore, and as well (a pain relief) for the throng of Mac fanatics on campus

I mean, no more going all the way to Burlington (and back) to get an Apple-certified techie to resuscitate your Macbook Pro. No more poring over Internet images of this Apple accessory that you were dying to get your hands on. No more frustrating over not being able to talk to a knowledgeable technician about some specifics of that thingamajig. And the list goes on for … who knows how long.

Man, the College Bookstore sure is going to be rolling in some more Benjamins.