The varied voices of Middlebury…

…have been popping up in print and online media in the past few weeks.  This past Friday, rising sophomore Dana Walters published a personal essay in the New York Times about her experience with an eating disorder in high school and in college.  The piece is a part of “The U Issue,” a special section that was released by the Times on July 24.  It includes about thirty students’ reflections on their experiences at college.

Also on Friday, Middlebury’s Jay Parini, Professor of English & Creative Writing, addressed the state of memoir-writing today in Room For Debate, a New York Times opinion blog.  Parini’s comments in the post “Memoirs and McCourt” flank those of poet Billy Collins, writer William Zinsser, editor Gerald Howard, and publisher James Atlas.  The recent passing of famed memoirist Frank McCourt inspired the post.

And in a letter to the editor of the Washington Post on July 15, Midd alum Tristan Axelrod (class of 2008) added his insights to the debate surrounding the Amethyst Initiative.  He responded critically to a Washington Post editorial published on July 12, entitled “A Lower Drinking Age? That would be a bad way to deal with binge drinking on campuses.”

[Editor’s note: Dana’s essay was only in the online edition of the NYT]