The Look of Middlebury: New Website Mock-Ups Revealed

Last Thursday, White Whale, the Cali design firm that has toiled away for months now on the new websites for Middlebury and MIIS, unveiled it’s mock-ups for the new and improved

Check it.

New Middlebury Homepage

You can view the rest of the screen shots over at the Web Makeover site.

Also, if you have about an hour to kill, you should watch the video from last week’s unveiling. It might help answer some questions/explain some of the features.

While the site definitely looks much chicer than it did in 1997, 1999, or 2001, I think users need to know a little bit more about functionality and geniunely new features before initial judgements are made.

The important thing right now, however, is to comment, praise, question and criticize. As of right now, the new site is pretty much just pictures and can still be altered. How do you like the design? The functionality? Is it representative of your perception of Midd? What features are missing? What do you want to see more of?

MiddBlog wants to know it all. (And, I’m assuming, so do the designers.) Join the discussion here or over on the Makeover site. Everything is welcome and appreciated.


8 thoughts on “The Look of Middlebury: New Website Mock-Ups Revealed

  1. If you can bear to use the makeover website to record your comments, I hope you will, since it will be much easier and more productive if everyone focuses their energy on a single spot, rather than having multiple conversations taking place at the same time in multiple locations.

    The comments on the design are collecting at

  2. This web site is a marketing tool, just like the other one. I would like to see more emphasis on information exchanges for students, faculty, and staff.
    Thank you.

  3. Why have we hidden images of our beautiful campus and vibrant student life behind a disproportionately large series of colorful lines?

    The old website prominently and proudly displays images of our campus, students, activities, facilities, and culture immediately upon opening. The rotating series of images and stories of the old site succinctly capture what this site attempts to achieve through overkill.

    The new website is akin to the proposed Middlebury logo of last year. Its tacky and disconnected from the things that define Middlebury College. We should let upfront images and stories of the college speak for themselves without the handicap of b-rate modern art.

  4. I love the new interface, and while I’m a little wary of having those “inspirational” stories about midd and midd students (I just find them pretentious, sometimes) be so central, as long as it’s easy to get to the real information then as an opening page it’s fine. It does seem a little spartan – some beautiful photo(s) of middlebury would be nice – maybe as a faint background for the whole page that changes with the seasons.

  5. I think watching the video puts a lot of what the website is trying to achieve into perspective. While the website is very much a navigational source and information center for those already on campuses across the world, the homepage as it is is VERY crowded with too many images and too many other entities, which takes away from the “college” appeal rising seniors are looking for in their college search. Those already attached to the college will use whatever website is out there, prospective students, hungry for information in a world that is sending less and less brochures and viewbooks often only have the websites. Personally speaking, I wish they’d lose some of the close up photos of people in a lot of their publications and focus more on the scenic beauty no matter to what they are referring (study abroad, vt campus, etc).

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