The Recession, Theatre, and some Middkids

Your face will explode.

Your face will explode.

If you’re hanging around New York this week, then do make sure to check out a (mostly) Middkid-produced musical, “Love Money: A Recession Rock Musical“. Here’s a snippet of their production from their Facebook page:

Les Zeux Presents their first show in the NY Fringe.

Originally produced by Ars Nova in November of 2008, Love Money follows the Bank of North America post-bailout, the CEO and the assistant who loves her, a well-meaning temp in the wrong place, and the old woman on a final mission to bring truth to light.”

The production promises “fun will be had. Songs will be sung. There will be tap dancing. And ether. Also, your face will explode. That will also happen.” I don’t know about you, but I’m secretly hoping that the last promise there was figuratively meant. I actually do like my face intact.

Anyways, admission is $15 per person, or free with an Equity card; fringe participants can watch the show for $5.

For more information, you can visit their Facebook event page and MySpace page. Buy tickets here.

So, if you’re around NY, go support them! Go Midd!


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