September 11th

The Class of 2013 was in sixth grade in 2001. This year marks the eighth anniversary of 9/11.

Middblog wants to know: Where were you on September 11th, 2001?


6 thoughts on “September 11th

  1. I was at Middlebury, walking from my room in Starr to Proctor for breakfast. I came out into the lounge and saw dozens of people huddled around the TV. Spent the rest of the day in a Voter suite watching the news and trying to get through to my Dad who worked in a prominent building in Boston.

    9/11 will always be directly tied to my memory of Middlebury, and vice versa.

    A 2002 alum

  2. (not to derail the discussion, but i think a ’10 is correct – i’m class of 2012.5, and i was in 6th grade during 9/11, so class of 2013 would have been in 5th grade. no matter.)

    i was at school, and they pulled all of us into the gym and gently explained what had happened. at that age, i wasn’t exactly sure how to react – i don’t think it wasn’t until our invasion of iraq in ’03 that i think i really grasped the significance of 9/11.

  3. I was at the bus stop. Half the kids were talking about some kid who got expelled and the other half were talking about terrorists, I somehow put the two together and was terrified that some kid has just been expelled for bombing new york.

  4. Driving along the GW Parkway in Virginia, headed to work in DC, listening to radio reports of what is happening in New York.

    About a mile south of the Pentagon when it is hit…a giant mushroom cloud of dark smoke rises to my left. Less than a minute later the Pentagon, in flames, is in full view. Cars at a dead stop on the road, pulled into the median.

  5. I was in Sixth grade and all the teachers left their classrooms to go talk to each other. We didnt find out until later what had actually happened. I lived on Long Island in a town where most of the men and women commuted to wall St. via train. The teachers put all of the students into the auditorium and made us watch a movie. Several times during the movie crying mothers would enter and take their kids home; thats how we knew someones dad died. If your mom came and wasnt crying, you were most likely fine.

    I went to four funerals that week. Some kids lost both parents. I lost a great family friend. It is so hard not being home w/ the rest of the city today.

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