Interview with a Suite

For my first middblog post, I really wanted to do something revolutionary. I had ideas…find the best spot to nap on campus. Figure out why the bananas in Proctor are so much better than in Ross. But as I sat there in my suite brainstorming, I realized that the most interesting subjects were surrounding me. So here they are, the diverse interests and inspiring voices of my soul companions: Milliken Suite F.

What do you like most about Middlebury?

I Think the best part about Middlebury is how there are juice machines and milk machines and coffee machines, and sometimes, sometimes, there’s just a jug of apple cider next to them. It’s not refrigerated, its just right there. It’s homey. That really opened the gateway for me, for feeling at home here and that’s when I started wearing my slippers at breakfast.

-Laura Heaberlin ’12.5

What is your favorite part about Middlebury’s emphasis on international perspectives?

(Chuckle) I mean I don’t know anyone from Taiwan, but I think at Middlebury the international perspective is apparent and yet I feel as if it is slightly detached. Okay? And I think that because of that, it’s almost kind of thought of in isolation. Mackenzie, how do you do it? All your extracurricular are academic, when I’m not in school I just want to sleep. You’re like (mimics Mackenzie’s voice) ‘I’m going to go wakeup at 6am and do homework and then, don’t write any of that down. Laura I really need to charge my phone.

-Wyatt Orme ’12.5

When you come back to Middlebury for your 10th year reunion, what will you be most excited about?

Returning to campus with my loving wife who I met sophomore year. In this suite.

-Morgan Boyles ’12.5

How do you feel Middlebury prepares you for life after graduation?

I would say that Middlebury has essentially taught me that I know nothing about the human existence, and will continue to learn more about how much I don’t know which I say deserves a gold star

-Cecily Glouchevitch ’12.5

How has the academic environment at Middlebury impacted you?

I took a computer technology course last semester. You know, although so many colleges rely on technology I think it’s kind of charming that none of the printers work at Middlebury. No really I have nothing better to do. Make me go to three stations to print 1 page. Single sided.

– Aiden Arata ’12.5

How do you think the friendships you form in college will affect you throughout your life?

Whether it’s a philosophical discussion over a Sunday night movie, a space-pirate themed party, or just hanging out in the suite, the conversations and memories I’ve had with my friends at Middlebury have had an incredible impact on me. You may just call them articulate (I mean how could you not!) But they’re also some of the most intelligent, creative and talented people I have ever met. That didn’t really answer the question.

-Mackenzie Beer ’12.5

*The members of Suite F would like the Middlebury community to know that anyone is welcome to join them at Sunday Kimono Brunch in Ross. Kimono required.


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