Sunday Reading: The Week Kanye Apologized

This was the week that Kanye West ruined the VMA’s for Taylor Swift forever and then apologized. I think that sort of set the tone for the rest of the week.

  • JEDI: Birthers rejoice. Obama is in fact not an American citizen. He is a Jedi Master from the asteroidal colony of Polis Massa.
  • FOOD: Ever wonder where you could eat the best pastrami on rye sandwich or currywurst? Well, The Guardian has one-upped the conceriege at the Ritz and found the places for you.
  • TV: The Emmys are tonight. Given that everyone who one last year will win again, they should be boring. Except, PC Guy John Hodgman is hosting announcing. Bets on who Kanye will interrupt?
  • REDO: Think our website redo is complex? Try re-designing Craigslist in a way that appeals to hip college kids and their fathers while discouraging murderers and sexual deviants.
  • DOGS: Ever wondered what kind of dog you really have? Just have his or her DNA tested to find out. Survey says “crazy” and “mut” will be the results 90% of the time.
  • TRENCH: I could go on about NY Fashion Week, but I won’t. Instead I’ll give you Burberry’s up-and-coming social networking sight: The Art of the Trench. Gorgeous trench coats + social networking? Uh oh.
  • MOORE: The NY Times (not Maureen Dowd) has decided Michael Moore is a tramp.
  • NEUTRALITY: The FCC has inched ever closer to net neutrality. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry. Just know that for all you music downloading, app-sharing college kids out there, it’s a good thing.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Last week, I appreciated genius, now I appreciate beauty. Check out this time lapse of San Fransisco and the Bay Area. How can you not be seduced by the colors?


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