SGA: Vin Recca

Running for: Sophomore Senator

Vin Recca, of New York City, has been an active and resilient force in the Middlebury community since arriving on campus last fall. As a member of the SGA Finance Committee, he has an intricate knowledge of the “Blue Tape” of the Middlebury bureaucracy; He knows how things work and how to get things done. The bureaucracy, however, needs to be streamlined and that information needs to be better disseminated to students; Senators need to be one of the main sources of this information and action. In addition, Vin has developed strong ties with many of the organizations and clubs on campus, leading him to realize that what the students need is a forum and place to hash out consensus; the SGA to transform the plethora of ideas and opinions into one clear coherent voice: the Voice of the Students. His Facebook group.

Vote Thursday, September 24th 7am to Friday at 5pm. Go to go/sgavote. All SGA candidates may submit a one paragraph description and photo to for inclusion on MiddBlog. This does not constitute an endorsement.