SGA: Tony Huynh

Running for: Freshman Senator

Do you love Tony as a freshman? Then you’ll love Tony as a freshman senator! Reasons why you should vote for Tony (me):

  1. I’ll make all my actions on Student Government visible to anyone who desires. A continual note that will update every Sunday (after each meeting) on facebook will be posted so all of the Middlebury community will know my stance on any student legislative issues.
  2. I will vocally support clubs created by freshman. SGA will now have a bigger role/influence in the Finance Committee which helps to allocate funds to extracurricular club. If you are creating/running a club and need more financial support for reasonable purposes, I can help lobby on your behalf during meetings.
  3. I am always welcome to any suggestions and will support any freshman in bills they wish to write involving student life. ANY student, if they choose to desire, can write a bill. 🙂
  4. I am an extremely accessible person. I live in Stewart 420 (the room with the rainbow flag) and anyone is welcome to visit in the afternoons-nights if they wish to talk with me about certain positions on SGA, life, etc. If you see me walking down the road, please don’t hesitate to call out my name and strike up a conversation of some kind. Alternatively you can reach me at my midd e-mail.

Tony’s Facebook Group.

Vote Thursday, September 24th 7am to Friday at 5pm. Go to go/sgavote. All SGA candidates may submit a one paragraph description and photo to for inclusion on MiddBlog. This does not constitute an endorsement.