SGA: Melissa Mittelman

Mittelman, Melissa picRunning For: Freshman Senator

As freshmen on campus, we have seen the past few weeks blur by with overwhelming amounts of new faces, attempts at remembering how to work, and overall shocks at organizing our new schedules. Though we may still be easily identifiable as freshmen, our presence is no less important and we still have a voice on campus. Our class senator’s job is to help cohere the scattered parts of freshmen year and communicate our voices to the administration, faculty, and other students. I want to be this person. I take my work seriously and follow through with my commitments. Though I do not know all of you, I am very approachable and am genuinely interested in what you have to say, and genuinely interested in this position. I am just beginning to hear people’s opinions about aspects of campus—like the closing of the health center or the hours of dining halls—and I would be here to listen more and proactively address these issues. While I understand the serious nature of the position, class representative simultaneously offers a chance to provide for fun; our freshman year needs to be epic.

My main focus is to bring together the freshman class with the rest of the Middlebury community. Although we mix through classes, sports teams, student organizations, and other campus activities, through this position I would like to find more ways for us to break out of the freshmen bubble and connect with other Middkids. As first-years, we are immediately and freshly exposed to the endless potential of Middlebury College, and perhaps best realize the importance of community. Now we need to add our own piece, returning the impact that Middlebury has provided us.

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