Track The Foliage

As a San Francisco native, it has been great to watch fall happen in Vermont every year.  During my first fall at Middlebury, I quickly became acquainted with “foliage,” the natural and cultural phenomenon.

For those of you who are not yet well acquainted with New England, “fall foliage” refers to the beautiful changing in color leaves undergo every fall.  During “peak foliage,” the New England landscape is at its most beautiful, and consequently, New Englanders are the most proud of their landscape.

Stay tuned to this website to track the progression of foliage during the season.  The site also offers a glimmer into the pride New Englanders have for the foliage–it depends on “Foliage Ambassadors” to report on the state of leaves in their areas.  I can’t wait for the map to turn red:

Fall Foliage Map