Campus 9/24

This week in The Campus:

  • Bob Jansen Leaves the Bookstore: By now, we all know Bookstore Bob. Yes, he pioneered using Facebook and giveaways to reach students, but he also has come up at the dinner table as someone who makes us all a bit uncomfortable. The article doesn’t mention that Jansen has taken a lot of heat during his time at the College. In particular, the gaudiness of the “shopping spree” giveaway caused an uproar. Recently, the unconfirmed rumors of firing of student workers and general mistreatment of staff has ignited some anger. While students find it great to have Apple products at the ready, the big screen TV and fireplace installed during the Proctor renovation gives us pause when the school is slashing budgets. Of course, Jansen has raised the profile and importance of the Bookstore immensely and for that we should congratulate him on his work, but let’s make sure we learn some lessons from his tenure here at the College. What does it take to make a profitable Bookstore and participate in a small community like ours? What does it take to be entrepreneurial and part of a higher education institution? Bob shook things up and sometimes we need that here.
  • Mid-Dictionary: Every year we seem to refine this list. MiddBlog did one for incoming freshies.
  • Bridge construction stifles business on Bakery lane: We hope Mr. Ups survives the Cross St. Bridge construction which will put the local restaurant and bar pretty much below the bridge. It’s not really a matter of putting up a huge orange sign that says, “we’re still open.” The Cross St. bridge and new roundabout will dramatically shift the landscape of downtown and not that many people know what’s going on even as construction is already in full swing. And isn’t Mr. Ups for sale?
  • College recruits senior interviewers: With cuts to the budget, what do you do? Hire student workers. Out with the pushing paper jobs and in with the real work. I trust seniors to give good interviews, but will parents of prospective students and prospective students themselves do the same?
  • Margaret Cho Performs Oct. 16: Yea, she’s a big deal. Youtube that sh…