Campus 10/1

This week in The Campus:

  • Op-ed by Ronald D. Liebowitz: The President of the College fires back after last week’s Campus editorial. He tends to take the polite view citing frequent lunches with students in the dining hall and the lack of student participation at open meetings as evidence that he has stepped outside Old Chapel to meet students where they are. Tim Spears addressed the separate CORE survey issues on his blog, One Dean’s View. MiddBlog editor Robert LaMoy weighs in on alcohol issues too in an op-ed.
  • Admissions refocuses international strategy: The Admissions Office is moving to recruit more international students from “wealthier metropolitan areas in Western Europe and Hong Kong” to reduce the amount of financial aid needed. Currently, the average financial aid package for international students is $9000 more than the average financial aid package for domestic students. The key quote from Bob Clagett: “We believe that international students bring a broad perspective to our student body regardless of their socio-economic background.”
  • Winter academics stay close to home: So no abroad offerings for J-term this year. But we can palate that. After all, how many students went to Nepal to study Buddhism anyway? But everything else is basically staying the same. Snow bowl shuttle going strong (albeit w/ higher ticket costs once you get to the Bowl) thanks to the SGA funding ACTR. MCAB events will try to program pretty much every night with trivia, pub nights, dances, without budget cuts. J-term workshops are self-funded anyway, so they’ll stick around. While we wait for the snow to fall, try on this aphorism coined by MiddBlog editor George Altshuler: “Find the J-term in your every day.”
  • The Interface: A new column by Andrew Forsthoefel ’11 shows that the Local section dominates the paper with awesome articles and insightful commentary. The column on Addison County town/gown relations ask students to share the stories of “the greater Middlebury family.” This week’s editorial advocates for local participation in a global institution.

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