The Middlebury Improbable Research Awards

The Improbable Nobel Prize Awards feature individuals researching different ways to make people think and laugh. Highlights include

  • the scientific discovery that rats cannot tell the difference between people speaking Japanese backwards and Dutch backwards
  • the public health invention of a brasserie that can be turned into two face masks in emergency situations
  • some physicists who found out why spaghetti breaks into more than two pieces when you bend it.

This made me think of all the things Middkids are doing to stimulate thought and laughs. Below are my own Improbable Awards, a list of people and projects in our surrounding community who are doing interesting things.

Morgan Boyles 12.5’ and his work on a NOVA documentary exploring Nepalese Caves

For going on adventures to caves in Nepal sealed off since the 14th century. And making movies. And generally being cooler than me.

Iliad Readings

The live readings of Homer’s Iliad in front of the library this weekend for the exploration of the Homeric tragic hero in us all

If you know what I mean radio show with Sam Wyer 12’ and Joanna Rothkopf 12’

For dividing life into themes and complimenting that with music (math, sickness, mustaches, outer space)

WRMC FM 91.1 Wednesdays at Midnight

Jacob Udell 12.5’ and his Jewish Philosophy Discussion Group

For blurring the line between academic philosophy, theological discovery, and personal growth

Mulled Apple Cider at the Juice Bar

For making me feel fuzzy and war

Rhiya Trivedi 12.5’ and her work with Clothes Line across America

Did you know clothes dryers use 10-15% of Domestic Energy in the United States? Hang your Laundry up outside!! Unless it’s raining. Then get creative.

Wyatt Orme 12.5helped save the Idaho Grey Wolf. Inquire with questions/concerns/solidarity

The Middlebury Fellows in Narrative Journalism: Bianca Giaever 12.5’, Maya Goldberg-Safir 12’, Stephanie Joyce 10’, Alana Jenkins

For opening the dialogue on origins and featuring the diverse ways and means a kid becomes a Midd kid.

VACA (vitality of the artistic community)’s Monthly Painting Rotation of the Canvas at McCullough

For a rotating canvas of student art and making my sad walk to an empty mailbox much more exciting

Ahmed Al Fatairy 12’

For being an incredible Arabic tutor and helping me one day achieve my goal to translate the collected lyrics of Jedi Mind Tricks into a volume of Arabic poetry, and thus deserve my own Mackenzie’s Middlebury Improbable Research Award. A girl can dream…

Now add your friends/colleagues/own accomplishments and achievements! I would love to honor you with a Mackenzie’s Improbable Research Award (i.e. a pat on the back, and mix CD???!)