Is it even worth checking menus anymore?

Proctor ExperimentSo I was walking across campus this morning, from McCullough to the Library to be exact, and could already smell the burgers for burger Friday. Not gonna lie, it was a little gross.

But then, I came back to my room, and discovered this blog: The Proctor Experiment, Dining Hall Recipes at Middlebury.

Remember the days when you heard stories about Middlebury having some of the best college food? This blog, authored by YourFriendMaya, just might be bringing that back.

So, before you make your decision about whether or not to even eat dinner at all because the prospects look terrible, check out the Proctor Experiment, or at least trying grilling a cookie or two.

(Photo courtesy of the Proctor Experiment.)

[From the Department of Student Shout-Outs]