Sunday Reading: Poor thing will forever be known as Balloon Boy.

In honor of the momentous occassion that is the release of Where the Wild Things Are in theaters, I wanted to write an erudite Sunday Reading today, I really did. But when the entire world thinks that a six-year-old boy is stuck in a weather balloon floating somewhere above the Rockies when it turns out he’s really taking a nap in his attic and his parents have a Questions box prepared for reporters, nothing’s really erudite anymore.

  • BALLOON BOY: The whole story about a boy named Falcon flying away in a weather balloon is like a Disney movie gone awry, even more so now that it seems it was directed by a web entrepreneur.
  • TEXAS: In 10th grade I wrote a satire piece suggesting that we let Texas secede from the Union. Who knew Rush Limbaugh and I would have something in common.
  • GENES: A group of scientists have created a Marilyn Monroe gene that makes anyone (well, fruit flies at this point) absolutely irresistible to everyone else.
  • PRANKS: Apparently the camaraderie that existed on the sets of all three of the Ocean movies exists in real life, because George Clooney has punked Matt Damon.
  • WINE: I had a bad week so my roommates bought me a bottle of my favorite Zinfandel. Kinda wish they’d bought me a bottle of Twitter.
  • PRIZES: What’s more random than Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize nine months into office? Bono using his Sunday column space in the NYT to defend and spin the choice.
  • MUSIC: Ever wonder why Pandora can pinpoint your music tastes better than your boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate? The Music Genome Project.
  • GOLD: One more reason to go to London — Harrod’s is now selling gold by the ounce, and not just in jewelry form. Someone call my broker.
  • FOLIAGE: Speaking of gold, check out the pictures of Fall Foliage at Middlebury over at The Middlebury Landscape.

Video of the Week: Ever wondered how Google created such perfect and obscure Street Views? By using people who never learned how to ride a grown-up bike. Tri-cyclists unite.