Campus 10/29

This week in The  Campus:

  • Old Chapel confirms three cases of H1N1: It’s clear now that the confirmed cases mean nothing because most cases are not being sent for testing. But really, Midd is getting sick: one out of every 16 students has flu-like symptoms. That number may be higher as students don’t report in to the Health Center and instead (hopefully) self quarantine. Vaccines ran way short last Thursday. See the ridiculous photo right.
  • Trustees debate ‘new normal’: Recap of Dean Spears’ blog posts along with campus-wide email on college finances. Here’s MiddBlog’s take. The Campus editorial tries to tie 350 and Quidditch into “global midd.”
  • The Roots get hip-hop right: Yea, the video says it all. But props to MCAB Concerts for making a hip-hop concert feel less awkward than it normally does.
  • Midd hosts sustainability summit: Apparently the crucial question for the 65 attendees was “how do we reach students?” Just about every office and organization on this campus is trying to reach students.
  • Midd Quid wins World Cup: As if you haven’t heard already, Middlebury won Quidditch again. This time vs. a brutal Emerson College team that was seen by many as a little more rough and tumble (read: violent) than the finesse of Midd’s passing offense. While school pride might have surged, some question if Middlebury can or should continue winning for the good of the sport of Quidditch. Alex Benepe ’09 appears to be trying to start at non-profit to run Quidditch nationwide. There’s tons of Quidditch media out there including MiddBlog’s own vids on the Will Bellaimey et al’s commentary.

2 thoughts on “Campus 10/29

  1. “Some athletes, such as Peter Hirsch ’12, question why they do not receive priority as their training regimens and close contact with other athletes make them more vulnerable to the flu.”

    Does Peter Hirsch have any data to back up his claim, or is he just assuming that his athletic elitism will go unchallenged?

  2. I already posted this to the Campus website, but:

    Regarding athletes having priority for vaccine: I would argue that most everyone at Middlebury is equally exposed to the flu. We share classrooms, dorm bathrooms, cups in beer pong, and the tongs in the dining hall. People with health conditions (and being an athlete is kind of the opposite of a health condition, right?) should have first access to the vaccine. Unfortunately, though, people with asthma can’t have the nasal spray vaccine offered last week, even though they are a priority to be vaccinated.

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