Sunday Reading: Hulu to Remain Free & Other Modern Marvels

We gained an hour last night. Awesome. Despite rumors to the contrary, Hulu will (basically) not start charging in 2010. Even Better. Now if only newspapers and magazines would either stop dying or revolutionize ASAP. That would be a marvel. Here are a few others.

  • MODERN LOVE: In this age of online dating and Facebook statuses, love is really quite inexplicable. I contend that (500) Days of Summer is one of the best representations of how twenty-somethings love in the 21st century, but it is only a piece of the puzzle, a puzzle that includes NY Mag’s Sex Diaries as well as NYT Magazine’s stunning portrait today of how the Obama’s have amazingly managed to keep their love central to the presidency.
  • FACEBOOK: The popular social networking site went from elitist to common, from trendy to trashy, from useful to, finally, academic. Someday, it may actually be a true reflection of who we are and not just a projection of who we want to be.
  • MUSIC: As if Google hasn’t invaded our lives enough, it now is going to have a music service. Once it begins offering a grocery store, I will have no need to go anywhere else and small business will die. Great.
  • MAPS: Throughout history, maps have been some of the most dangerous tools mankind has ever possessed because futures of entire civilizations rest on basic visual interpretations of the physical world.
  • VIDEOS: Since the fate of music videos may be paralleling the fate of newspapers, (RIP, VH1 Pop-Up Video), here’s 100 of them to kill some time on this beautiful November Sunday.
  • RULES: I frequently ask myself at restaurants, do I really need my server’s name written in crayon next to my plate? Short answer, no. And, finally, wonderfully, someone has come up with a rulebook for that.
  • WSJ: I’m a religious reader of the WSJ, but I’m not a fan of Rupert Murdoch, mostly because he has chosen to adopt certain phrasing in his papers. However, the new effort between Unigo and the WSJ, WSJ on Campus, could be a game changer…as long as desperate high school seniors actually read it.
  • EVOLUTION: You might not see it, but humans are still evolving as a species, apparently at a speed fast enough that, soon, the ultra-rich will in fact be their own species, thanks to medical accessibility and hatred of Bernie Madoff.

Video of the Week: For many of us now, Guitar Hero is not impossible. Football hero on the other hand? Good luck.