November Series: Middlebury Improbable Awards

The recipients of November’s Series of Middlebury Improbable Awards are….

Aiden Arata ’12.5 and Bianca Giaever ’12.5 for organizing a Halloween Choose-Your Own Adventure Hike down the Tam. Along the way adventure-goers were confronted with unforeseen challenges (like damsels tied to trees), Zombie Werewolf Prom Dance Contests, Mind boggling Riddles, Trolls (who kidnapped adventurers along the way), and a Musical-Chairs Tea Party.


Smashing Pumpkins

The Riddler

The Goblins

The second recipient is an anonymous Middkid who goes by the The Maroon Squire for his deviant stand against the man. Until This week, The Maroon Squire was UNCATCHABLE. He  had been parking his car unauthorized, unregistered and unpermitted in an attempt to shake Middkids out of their comfortable assumption of bureaucratic laws, and in a deviant stand against the man.

An Exclusive Interview on the Plight of the Common Man: “A parking pass is $125. My car cost $400. Just because I don’t have a BMW and mom and dad wont fork up the money, Midd wants me out. This is the first year they’re charging you to register a car on campus. Do you charge me to posses my shoes? Do you charge me to place my backpack in the classroom? Any free citizen who comes to Middlebury can park wherever they want, but they try to charge me. Middlebury as a school was created under the idea that we’re accepting people from the entire world, in every level of the social strata, why should I pay money to park really really far away?” -The Maroon Squire

As of Monday the Maroon Squire was caught by local authorities, and forced to register his car. Don’t worry though! They gave it to him for free. Courage prevails!


Post your thoughts/nominations for the next series of Improbable Awards below!


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