Campus 11/5

This Week in The Campus

  • Rambunctious crowd forces early party end: Another take that adds in the more riotous/drunk elements of last weekend’s Atwater Halloween debacle that MiddBlog covered here. Some good quotes all around but pretty level headed. Does this event warrant a admin response?
  • SGA considers reinstating MOO: In the Finance Committee’s first big decision of the year, they are considered using reserve money to fund the pre-orientation outdoor trips that the administration cut last year. OINK, this year, took place during the first two weekend of school.
  • Spears’ blog posts sparks controversy: None of us like change, but the administration is tasked with thinking long term about generating revenue. Spears’ post and the MiddBlog’s “Getting to Global Midd” companion post break down some distinct possibilities that revolve around changes to study abroad and enrollment.
  • Davis ’11 injured in Egypt: As first reported here, Austin Davis ’11 lost both his legs after a tram accident at the Middlebury program in Alexandria, Egypt. This does nothing to sooth fears that the class of 2011 is cursed.
  • LIS reverses exam week cuts: While I’m unsure about the “…substantial criticism from both the Student Government Association (SGA) and students” to reverse the 1AM close of the library during exam week, it finally has come out that the original decision was more about mental health than financials. Students get to hang on to our safety-blankets of 24-hour library access during finals. No one laments the loss of reading day (the dead day before finals start)? But hey, Midnight Breakfast is coming back.
  • Tourterelle: A new restaurant in our midst? Because there’s only so many times you can go to Black Sheep or Cafe Provence.
  • Editorial on Winter Term’s nebulous purpose: Danger alert — no purpose? no J-term. But look here for guide to choosing J-term classes, which you’ve already registered for.
  • Prof. Susan Burch and the emergence of the CCSRE at Carr Hall: