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This week in The Campus:

  • The 10 best college presidents: I know, this isn’t in this week’s issue of The Campus, but really who can resist a photo of our President standing in our $12 million biomass plant? TIME magazine (Nov. 23 issue) writes Liebowitz up as listening to students, working with Trustees, and improving the reputation of the College. FYI, his office hours are today from 3-4:30PM in Old Chapel — go tell him congrats.
  • MPD adopts bold stance on partying: All the more reason to stay within the confines of the Campus. The police were not easy on the members of the lacrosse team partying off-campus on Quarry Rd. This BFP article last week describes it succinctly. But most of us aren’t off campus. Students and alumni are more interested in the fate of KDR, rumored to have had a major incident last week.
  • SGA brings 3 weeks of big changes: Midnight breakfast? Check. Burlington shuttles? Check. LIS 24-7 for exams? Check. The editorial this week cautions against over-ambition while calling Panzer “refreshing.” But no worries, MOO-reinstatement is looking better by the day.
  • Vermont Ukulele Society spreads joy in lessons, concerts, tunes: How cute. I wonder if our favorite Uke-student-duo can join?
  • Jeff Garofano ’11: Most will skip over this article but read closer and it really is about Middlebury. Should professors divulge their political leanings in class or not? Give this a read to see how well Midd does in keeping the politics out of our institution and academics.
  • Shifts reduced in recession crunch: Updating this student employment MiddBlog post from September, it seems that on-campus job shifts for students have been reduced. You got a problem with that?

6 thoughts on “Campus 11/12

  1. While students and alumni may be interested in the rumors about KDR, we have to report what we can confirm. We couldn’t confirm any details about KDR.

  2. This is where the use of the word “Allegedly” can be very useful, along with “unsubstantiated.” Go for it. Inquiring minds and all that…

  3. Allegedly a form of hazing involving alcohol and an incident of “forecable touching” occurred. Furthermore, the college has allegedly suspended or revoked their charter or permission to be on campus as an active group, although I am really not sure about that one. Also, several days ago, KDR alumn flocked to campus to urge the administration not close down the house and/or suspend KDR as a social org. The word is that the decision is in Ron’s hand. Id expect a decision by the end of the week or over the weekend (The admin. prob said that they would decide Friday in order to give themselves a full week.

    All of the above is unsubstantiated rumor from semi-reliable and extremely reliable sources. In fact, I really have no idea of the true story, esp. the part regarding repercussions of the incident.

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