Top Five Moments At Midd

It’s getting to be that time of the year; the late nights, deadlines and quarantines have accumulated. With exams on the horizon, it’s time for a little perspective. Hopefully batteries will be recharged over break, but it’s also important to remember the simple joys of going to this school. So here we have the top five moments at Midd we can (mostly) all relate to:

5. Enjoying that one dollar beer at pub night Whether at the Grille or 51 Main, college subsidized beer always tastes good. Besides, it’s Thursday night. If you’re not 21, just you wait.

4. The first run of the season at the Snow Bowl It’s hard not to be happy about your college choice while zipping (or successively falling) down your favorite slope at the Snow Bowl. Your first run should take place as early in the year as possible–while winter is still full of optimism.

3. Getting that Proctor panini just right The panini machine is a place for creativity and experimentation. But things can go wrong. The correct panini varies according to your mood, the line, and the other options available at Proctor. Successfully balancing these factors while staying within your level of technical ability brings about feelings of accomplishment and happiness. I usually like to keep it simple with the salad bar cheese and corn.

2. Midair at Bristol falls Whether you’re jumping off the 15 foot drop in Bristol during early Fall or late Spring, this is the quintessential celebration of warm weather.

1. Your buzzer going off at the Grille It’s human nature to celebrate your buzzer going off. Many celebrate with a “Come on!” or a “That’s what I’m talking about!” The inconsistency in how long it can take the miracle workers to prepare your food provides buildup and suspense. Then it buzzes–you feel relief and the optimism of the walk up to the counter. There’s debate about whether this moment feels best after a short wait or after watching a group of friends get lucky before you.


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