Long Trail Buys Otter Creek

There’s been various stories on blogs and in the local news reporting that Long Trail Brewing Company is working on a deal to buy Middlebury’s Otter Creek Brewing Company.  Now, a tweet from the restaurant, Tourterelle, reports that a deal went through.  Reportedly, Long Trail bought Otter Creek but will keep the Middlebury company label on the market.

I guess the micro-brew industry is evolving.  Hopefully, this won’t mean job losses in Middlebury or a decrease in the quality of Otter Creek. As a fan of Long Trail, which is also a Vermont company, I doubt Otter Creek’s quality will suffer.

Also, it’s a sign of the times that the twitter of a restaurant is getting this story out faster than traditional news sources.  Hopefully, Tourterelle got the facts right.  Since sources close to me say the restaurant’s great for a date, I’m thinking they know what they’re tweeting about.

Update: Story confirmed in the Burlington Free Press. Another tweet from Tourtorelle claiming that owner of Long Trail bought round (of LT and Otter) for everyone at Two Brothers last night celebrating the deal.

Photo via Burlington Free Press


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  1. It’s true. My cousin told me that his girlfriend’s dad bought it last week or something. He’s sensible, though. 🙂

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