Hello from Newest MiddBlogger

My name has been on MiddBlog’s “Editorial Team” page for about two weeks now, so I feel I should get started posting.

I’m JP Allen.  I’ll be writing about anything to do with the arts on campus.  As general as that sounds, I have a few specific goals, all of which fit well with the nature of blogging:

1) Spread the word about arts events that are under-publicized and risk being under-attended.  Verbal Onslaught, WRMC and other groups with regular schedules already make their presence known online.  We want to make sure smaller groups or one-shot events (especially those run by students) don’t get swept away in everyone’s busy weeks.

2) Publish reviews with all possible rapidity.  The Campus prints excellent reviews, but their week-long news cycle can’t keep up with shows that only run for a weekend.  At least in theory, I can write about a Friday night show in time for at least a few people to read my comments before Saturday night’s performance and make up their own minds.

3) Remind you (and myself) that art is just as much about process as product.  Especially in an academic setting, artists and audiences alike are learning as they go.  I’d love to help keep a few more Middlebury students and alums in touch with Middlebury’s arts scene.

A disclaimer: please don’t take personally the absence of a blurb about your favorite event.  We’ll try our hardest to leave no branch of the arts unreported.  However, the goal is to go into detail, not to cover everything.  If you want to suggest something, email tips@midd-blog.com.

First real post coming soon.  In the meantime: a link.


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