Sat, Jan 23 is The Day Your Fate Will Be Decided

Will you be an internet lip-dub sensation, or a nobody?

My friends, we need LOTS OF PEOPLE to participate in this huge environmental video lip-dub at the recycling center. A lip-dub is a single, traveling camera moving throughout a space and discovering people who pop out to lip-synch a portion of the chosen song. Here’s an example:

We’re doing our lip-dub down at the Midd recycling center and our song will be “Earth’s Ours to Share” — our take on the Madonna/Middlebury classic “Like a Prayer.” Here’s the song (or download here):″

So, Saturday January 23rd at 10AM — meet at the recycling center (past the Mods, white building). Remember to learn the song and show up with the right shirt-color. Details here. This is for a class called Sustainable TV, where we are making an hour long television show about the environment. So if you participate, you will not only be on public access television, you will go online, and since this genre is trendy at the moment, you will get LOTS of HITS. This all equals FAME. Who wants to be a star? You do.

Internet fame awaits you.

EDIT: faculty, staff, and community are welcome! bring your family!


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  1. Can’t wait to see the final version. Would love to send it to the folks who are still unclear on the concept of garbage/recycling/compost (black/blue/green bins) in my office in San Francisco.

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