More Exciting than discovering an Igloo on Battell Beach

Is the end of J-Term bringing you down? Did your Ross Assassin blast you with their squirt gun? Did Scott Brown’s win put a damper on your shining optimism? As my mother always says a rolling snow ball gathers no ice…or something like that. So here’s some reasons to get you a’rolling:

Sunday 10 PM Gamut Room
-bring your old diaries, burn your love letters, break out the oregano

2. Still looking for Feb Break Ideas? Concerned that Arabic alone won’t get you a job in the CIA post-Grad? Try this:

3. Recipe for Proctor Banana Milk Shake
Mash up a banana, add ice cream, milk, nutmeg, a bit of cinnamon and voila! Or Bring on a little Yay-Term and make it a Pina Colada (oh I know what youre thinking, I mean mashed pineapples, get a HOLD Of yourself J-Term’s almost over)

4. And so long as college doesnt kick you in with stress, or swine flu, or render your liver obsolete, NOW you can live forever! (or at least elongate your life)