Dear Sir or Madam

Rumor has it that a Middkid ’08 started this website: Dear Sir or Madam. It sends letters or other correspondence to companies or individuals with ridiculous requests in flowery prose. So far, he’s asked Toyota for a solid gold car, invited Skiing magazine to cover his ski wedding, and inquired buying enough syrup to power a gigantic Coca-cola fountain.

And his latest: a Craigslist posting for an amphibious Hyundai. An email response:

from: Fred Decatt
date: Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 2:04 PM
subject: Re: Amphibious Hyundai (defective?) – $1000 (Cambridge)

Are you sure? It was functioning reasonably well in the shallows. Once the water reached the height of the windows, however, I began noticing leaks. Tiburon does mean shark in Spanish, and my friend assured me it would work… he thought maybe I had faulty ballast? Have you repaired any amphibious cars?


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