Summer Fellowships/Scholarships

Crowded Proctor lines? New Febs? Sounds like Spring! Which means think of summer:
If youre looking for advice for those hefty fellowship applications, listen to the wise words of my own colleague: “sometimes it’s not about who has the most extravagant or unique idea. It’s about working within your range, doing things you know you can do, and working on something you love.” So despite your distinguished sense of collegiate cynicism, don’t check your idealism at the ivy gates for good. Here’s a list of interesting fellowships and grants to get your dreams a soaring’

Parapsychology Foundation
$3,000 to study ALIENS!!

Ayn Rand Institute
$10,000 for the best essay on the Fountainhead

The Writers/Illustrators of the Future Contest

Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship
$1,000 if your last name is Van Valkenburg.
(On a side note, I petitioned Budweiser to fund my education due to my last name “Beer” and they have yet to reply. Pfa! I guess a rose is just any other rose. Unless you are a Van Valkenburg)

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
Submit terrible opening sentences to imaginary novels such as “it was a dark and stormy night.” The prize for this? Prestige. Write that on your resume.

A great collection of fellowships/scholarships: