Sunday Reading: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Why does Middlebury’s Dating Game never cease to be amusing (even if it is ineffective–I speak from experience)? The loaded questions and nervous laughter are always a hilarious form of Saturday night entertainment, as well as a painful reminder of how sexually repressed this college is. The fact that it occured on the 13th this year may have left some wondering what they are going to do now for the actual Valentine’s Day. So, whether your alone today or just killing time until dinner in Proctor with your Valentine, check out some these articles:

Video of the Week: The re-recording of “We are the World” for the benefit of Haiti.


One thought on “Sunday Reading: Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Emily– I enjoyed the epic-ness of the We Are The World video, but I thought it was offensive that they included auto-tune vocals. ug. signs of the times…

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