MCAB comes through with DJ Earworm

MCAB has a tough job.  It’s hard to appeal to the different tastes at Middlebury, and it can be tempting to spend a lot of money on big names.  So I’m pumped that they’ve decided to have DJ Earworm headline Winter Carnival.  Earworm certainly appeals to my tastes, and I’m guessing he wasn’t too expensive.

He’s the best kind of mashup DJ.  He sustains a beat throughout his songs, avoiding the schizophrenic effect of 5 second clips that is so common in the genre.  Here’s his most recent masterpiece:

This has potential to be great, so bring your friends.

Complete Winter Carnival schedule here.


8 thoughts on “MCAB comes through with DJ Earworm

  1. I don’t know, George…I think this is the worst kind of mashup DJ. I searched videos of him playing live (a much better indicator of what his set will be like) and found absolutely nothing. For all we know, he might be able to make a well-produced 4 minute mashup but absolutely suck live.

    Besides, even if he does turn out to do an ok job live, if his live style is anything like his produced mashup style, someone like Girl Talk (with his schizophrenic samples) would be much better if you ask me. I want music that keeps me going and dancing, stuff that’s FUN. GT is great for that…but did that Earworm mashup really make you want to dance? I could appreciate the craft that went into making it (it was obviously “well-made”) but it wasn’t much of a get-up-and-move-your body sort of vibe. (Obviously GT is out of MCAB’s price range; he’s just an example.)

    OR they could change it up from mashup DJs and do something different (how about dance music, like hip hop/electro club stuff?). I think that’d be even better.

  2. Harrison – MCAB brought Girltalk to campus two years ago, and he put on an amazing show in McCullough, so he is not out of MCAB’s league.

    I wouldn’t knock the dance-ability of DJ Earworm though until you hear him perform live. I think he very well may surprise you.

    Here is MCAB Concert’s Chair Dan Crepps’s take on DJ Earworm:

    “What I like about Earworm, and what I think makes him a great selection over other types of DJs, is his ability to take popular music, make it danceable yet still retain its “hook” recognition within the beats he creates. This makes it appeal to broader audiences that will be able to recognize the song, yet still be able to dance to the mashup he creates.”

    Hope to see you @ the Ball on Saturday!

  3. Not sure how he’d be as a party DJ, but after listening to a few of his songs, I can say he’s definitely the most “artistic” mashup artist I’ve heard; Girl Talk is crazy and awesome, but Earworm is actually making music. The songs have repeating themes and interesting layers. For instance, here’s one of Earworm’s less-dancey mashups:

    Somehow he mixed the Beatles Eurythmics with a Dolly Parton cover of “Stairway to Heaven”… and it worked fantastically.

    Still unsure how he’ll go over with trashed Middlebury students, though.

  4. I am in complete agreement with Harrison. My thoughts exactly. I appreciate what Earworm is doing (matching keys and tempos to create one full song). It’s definitely a novelty. As for live? Girl Talk is a performer. Incredible. I mean not even his music, just the way he is. Artists like E-603 are very similar in terms of style of music (which is super dance-y), but when it comes to performing, Girl Talk takes the cake. What he does is he interacts with his audience. He creates a collective experience. People know to sing “Since You Been Gone” after he drops the beat. As for being a DJ for a dance… someone like Earworm probably will be better. I mean I don’t know what the hell he could be doing live, but I feel he will give less of a performance and just play something to dance to which is probably what MCAB was looking for in the first place. I’m curious to see what it’s going to be like.

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