Campus 2/25

Today in The Campus:

  • Midd Kid Video Stirs Controversy: Giving a basic rundown of the students involved, the article mostly gives alternating opinions for or against the YouTube video which now has over 70,000 hits and 160+ comments. Surprising, however, is the timing of the video release in a week where the Tufts’ admissions videos and the Yale musical have been in the media a ton. MiddBlog editor Mackenzie Beer wrote at op-ed comparing the Midd Kid video parody humor with last week’s Where Do I Belong? “Mean Girls” humor.
  • Trustees approve financial model: Following President Liebowitz’s speech and resulting press, the Board of Trustees are backing the tying of tuition increases to 1% above the consumer price index. Other important items in this article: 1) Monterey Institute will become legally part of Middlebury this summer, 2) Middlebury will try to build a bio-methane pipeline to try to get to Carbon Neutral 2016, 3) Middlebury students will now have open information on a portion (an eighth, a fourth? who knows) of the endowment to be managed as a sustainability fund.
  • Fumes force Allen evacuation: Lesson here, don’t get drunk and use the fire extinguishers on a hallway. Damage done (actually twice now), but still enough said.
  • Winter Carnival Then and Now: Irony of the “weather” section of this article saying “the Middlebury College staff and ski team have been working hard to ensure the courses are sufficiently covered” is not lost on us even if the ski races have been postponed a day. But hey, go to the ball and dance the night away. But the Campus editorial is a little too late — wait until next year for students to “bring the grassroots excitement that made Carnival weekend [in the past] the most sought-after ticket in the Northeast.”