MiddKids trump Tufts’ YouTube Applicants

Now that I’m in, I’ll say it, College Applications tend to be a bit campy. Admirable Institutions, hoping to modernize the process (and soften the perception around their Death-Star-Formidable-like-appearance) often make a big show of offering “fun” ways to differentiate yourself from the thousands of generic students just like you. Tufts’ latest application supplement, the YouTube video, has generated a lot of press, but in reality, the videos come off as the same “overenthusiastic-intelligent–volunteering-athletic-quirky-if I add any more personal characteristics I’ll have a nervous breakdown-type” of college applicants.

Sam Wyer ’12 and Zach Blair ’12 (Midd Students) added their own video to the batch of Tufts Class of 2014 Applicants, and its…different. Even a Tufts admissions officer applauded their sense of humor on the Class Facebook page, go Middlebury! (and good luck to the two Middkids on their acceptance into Tufts)


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