Arts Runoff

Summary: To make some sense of the deluge of performing-arts events on campus in April and May, I’ll be posting quick reviews.  I intend to see every single performance (the tally currently stands at 11).  Right after each show, I’ll throw some commentary onto MiddBlog in this format.

Good: Reviews published ASAP. // If I make it to every show, no production or department gets slighted. // Snap judgements!

Bad: Can I really say anything insightful in so little space and time? // Snap judgements!

Broad: Here, I’ll try to fit the event into the larger context of Middlebury and, if I’m feeling ambitious, the wider world.  I promise not to exceed three sentences.

Rating: I’m not a fan of numerical scales.  Also, I believe all Middlebury productions are worth seeing.  I’ll phrase my ratings this way:

“If you have something important to do this weekend…
1: …do it, and see the show if you can.”
2: …put it off and see the show.”
10: …skip it.  SEE THIS SHOW.”

So, get your tickets, pre-game as necessary, and stay tuned.

UPDATE 4/9/10: I put numbers on my three different “ratings,” but I hope you forget them quickly. It’s all about priorities: I attempt to throw a bit of light on each show, and I suggest where it might go in a busy student’s weekend hierarchy. None of these judgements are objective; I hope the telegraphic format shows that.