How to Print From Your Laptop. Anywhere.

Last Friday over breakfast, I printed my response paper from my laptop in Proctor, and then picked it up in the Monroe computer lab on my way to class upstairs. The assignment was quite literally “hot off the press” when I gave it to my teacher.

Printing from your laptop to any public printer on campus is as easy as logging onto go/papercut.

You can also use “webprinting” if you need to print something from a walk-up computer.

Webprinting is so easy it’s almost certainly self-explanatory. So, of course I have prepared a step-by-step guide with pictures just to prove how self-explanatory it is/would have been!

How to Print over the internet

Log onto go/papercut:

1) Enter your username and password.
2) Choose [Web print] from the left-hand column
3) Choose [Submit a Job] on the right-hand side of the screen

3) Select a printer. Choose [Print Options and Account Selection] on the bottom-right.
4) Click [Upload Document] on the bottom-right.
5) Click [Browse..]. Choose your document. Click [Upload & Complete] on the bottom-right.

It is now as if you have printed your document from a computer in a computer lab. Your document is now ready to be released from a print release station.


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