Just Say No to Lady Gaga…and the Juice Bar (The Campus 4/1)

No tricks, promise. It’s already been a cruel April Fool’s Day here at Middelbury. Other than the weather, everything people wanted to be true, well, wasn’t.

What Should Have Been True

  • Lady Gaga to Perform at Midd April 24: At the end of the day, I still overheard students (and professors!) asking, “Did you hear Lady Gaga’s coming?!” Sorry kids. Though, to be fair, I guess it isn’t entirely unbelievable that someone would donate enough money to make that happen…
  • College Launches J.Crew Collection: I just counted, I’m wearing 3 things from J.Crew right now. It would definitely be more convenient if after breakfast I could run and pick up a skinny belt and cardigan in the bookstore.
  • Ron Liebowitz’s Facebook News Feed: Because we all want to believe that Liebowitz and Spears are our Obama and Biden.

(Note: Links to Campus article are PDFs of their first pages. To read the rest, go to The Campus website.)

What Was Really True

  • Housing Debacle, the 2010 Edition: First, superblocks mess up the system. Then students get the wrong numbers. Then students get fake numbers. And now they have even newer numbers. Although, I’d bet the fake numbers were more adequately random than the new official ones.
  • Bye Bye Juice Bar: In an email to students, Matthew Biette announced today new hours for the Grille, Juice Bar and MiddExpress. Bottom line, there is now no way to get a shot of espresso on campus on Saturdays.

One thought on “Just Say No to Lady Gaga…and the Juice Bar (The Campus 4/1)

  1. No Espresso? That is simply not true…the College provides access to espresso 24/7!

    You just need to use “the delivery system” located outside the lobby bathrooms in the Library.

    What is this you ask? A vending machine I say! It is a very cost effective and labor efficient model to meet all our needs.

    If you think this is another April Fools’ Joke, your wrong. Just re-read The Campus where Patrick Norton gave us all the initial heads up back in January.

    My guess, from the last line quoted here, is there are “sub-sandwichly” potential profits yet to be achieved.

    “…more significant changes will be necessary to achieve profitability at the Grille, according to Chief Financial Officer Patrick Norton.
    Norton cited the delivery model as a serious problem at the Grille.

    Because the delivery model is a “labor-intensive” system where all food is made to order, losses are difficult to control. Neither The Grille nor 51 Main has ever been profitable.

    The Grille’s need for a large staff, coupled with infrequent patronage throughout much of the day, makes for a model that is “unsustainable,” Norton wrote in an e-mail.

    In order to achieve profitability, changes to the model will be considered. One such change might include a move toward a self-service model. In this situation, made-to-order Dr. Feelgoods would be replaced by pre-made sandwiches, for example.”

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