Summary: Two Manhattanites, Bruce (Reilly Steel) and Prudence (April Dodd), meet after placing personal ads. They’re both seeing therapists even crazier than they are. And then there’s Bob, Bruce’s live-in lover. As might be expected, hilarity ensues.

Good: The script is just built to be funny. The rapid-fire dialogue in dead-pan is delivered with precision timing about 93% of the time. Ele Woods as one of the therapists really steals the show. And the cool spinning set, designed by Noah Mease, works surprisingly well for a low budget production. Liquids spilled everywhere = circus act.

Bad: Because of the sheer amount of dialogue, there are bound to be a few misfires, anticipating lines that haven’t been delivered yet. Set changes are a bit frantic.

Broad: Beyond Therapy in an independent project: no thesis credit, no faculty director, and not much of a precedent (most Midd shows are theses or courses). Bravo for that. It shows that innovative things happen when students take the initiative to do it themselves.

Conclusion: If you have something important to do this weekend put it off and see BT. Tickets at the door (Hepburn Zoo) both tonight and Saturday. If you’re disappointed by not getting into the rumored sold-out WSS, head up the hill and see if you can grab a ticket to this.

This rapid-fire review is part of MiddBlog’s ongoing effort to cover every performance in Middlebury’s spring season. Your regular reviewer, JP Allen, could not attend this performance and so Ryan Kellett is the stand-in reviewer after seeing the opening night performance.