Middlebury on (Final) Jeopardy

The answer:

The Wrong Question:


5 thoughts on “Middlebury on (Final) Jeopardy

  1. SO easy for anyone who goes to a Liberal Arts college… Ryan K I am messaging you the answer so as not to give it away

  2. Cole…
    It’s a question about Midd on a blog for Middkids, we ALL know the answer, no need for the secret messaging.

  3. If only she answered “What is bobsledding,” followed by Alex criticizing her for not seeing Cool Runnings.

  4. Even more stunning than this being used as a final Jeopardy! question is the reference to Quidditch as a sport! YES!

  5. Things That Happened, Things To Do—Week of 4/12 - Middlebury Magazine

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