Summary: The Dance Department’s showcase of senior work.  Four original dance pieces choreographed, performed (and sometimes featuring music by) Middlebury students.

Good: “Improvized Duet” features a computer program by Philippe Bronchtien ’10 that makes music based on patterns of light onstage, created by a lightboard operator and dancers who were also improvising — awesome. // Liz Boles ’10 integrates music (live & recorded), text, costuming and movement into a stunningly theatrical piece (I’m a theater guy, so I loved it).

Bad: Kind of uninspiring title for an inspiring show. // Some of Boles’s spoken lines were lost; not her fault, but something to be careful about in the cavernous Dance Theater.

Broad: The Dance Department is underappreciated.  The CFA is far away, dance shows are fewer and have shorter runs than plays, and people are generally afraid dance is too weird or hard to understand.  Don’t overlook these folks!

Conclusion: If you have something important to do this weekend, put it off and see Walking the Curb.  It’s VERY close to unmissable, but I’m not well-versed enough in dance to make that kind of fine-grained judgement.

ONE SHOW LEFT: Sat. 8:00, CFA Dance Theater.  Tickets are still available.

This rapid-fire review is part of MiddBlog’s ongoing effort to cover every performance in Middlebury’s spring season.